About Infosolve Systems Consulting Inc.

Infosolve is the professional corporation of Jack Kerkhof. Jack has been practicing IT for almost 3 decades. He has evolved his career through an increasingly broad array of technology, business, and leadership streams. Jack has integrated this wide and deep experience practicing Enterprise Architecture (EA) and strategic planning.

You can benefit from this considerable experience and leverage it to accelerate your business. Jack has created enterprise strategies for cloud adoption, mobility applications and mobile device management(MDM), information management, analytics and big data. His background includes a brief career as a commercial pilot, after which he persued an education in Computer Science (Bsc). He has been fortunate to have an interesting IT career including programming super computers (quantum mechanics simulations), aviation software, trading floor analytics, realtime simulations, artificial intellegence on pipelines, internet startup as well as enterprise systems architectures. In the last decade Jack has been involved in standing up new EA practices, maturing practices around standards, governance, reference and future state architectures, roadmaps and strategic planning.

The Infosolve Model

The goal of Infosolve is to help you formulate and focus IT solutions to accelerate business value. Engage Infosolve and you will benefit from our depth and perspective. Infosolve applies tools and methods of strategy, planning and Enterprise Architecture that are suited to your specific situation.

Some interesting examples of Jack's successes

Enterprise Architecture Community

Infosolve is a member of the Canadian Enterprise Architecture Forum

What is Enterprise Architecture?

There are many definitions and perspectives on what Enterprise Architeture is or delivers. Perhaps the most succinct is:

"The fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its components, their relationships to each other and the environment, and the principles governing its design and evolution." (ISO)

This short description is packed with hints that EA is about organizing the big picture. It's about the relationship between technology, business, and where both are going. EA is not static: its about being intentional on direction and strategy, and creating plans that evolve business to success.